Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Compound Chart

Note: The following Trelleborg Compounds are specific seal compounds/material formulations that are available for use in Trelleborg's Chemical Transportation business. Each compound number has specific characteristics and physical properties that are proven to deliver consistent, reliable performance. Extreme measures have been taken with our shipper clients to review, analyze, identify and specify the optimal O-Ring compounds for use with their specific commodities. The generic family material description information is provided for reference only. DO NOT substitute generic materials for these specific compound #s.

Standard Sealing Materials
BN661High-Quality Buna‐N (NBR/Nitrile) Rubber Compound
BN961High-Quality Buna‐N (NBR/Nitrile) Rubber Compound ‐ 90 Durometer
WHBN386FDA Grade White Buna‐N
BNLT641Low‐Temperature Buna‐N Compound
EP787Peroxide Cured/Nordel® based EPDM Compound
EP987Peroxide Cured/Nordel® based EPDM Compound ‐ 90 Durometer
WHEP521FDA Grade White EPDM
NEO70Performance Neoprene Family Compound
NEO90Performance Neoprene Family Compound ‐ 90 Durometer
WHNE842FDA Grade White Neoprene
SISilicone Compound
WHSI70FDA Grade White Silicone
Viton® Sealing Materials
4273Specialty Viton® Compound – ExxonMobil‐Specific
4273AViton® A Family Compound
4560FDA Grade Viton® A Family Compound
WHVA278FDA Grade White Viton® A Family Compound
4273BViton® B Family Compound
4209Viton® F Family Compound
5350Viton® GF‐S Family Compound
5310FGFDA Grade White Viton® GF‐S Family Compound
5359Viton® GF‐S Family Compound ‐ 90 Durometer
5355Viton® GFLT‐S Family Compound
5399Viton® GFLT‐S Family Compound ‐ 90 Durometer
5176Viton® ETP/Extreme Family Compound
5190Viton® ETP/Extreme Family Compound ‐ 90 Durometer
TEVIFEP Encapsulated Viton®
High Performance Sealing Materials (FFKM)
J9503Isolast® 9503 Perfluoroelastomer Compound
7295Simriz® Perfluoroelastomer Compound ‐ 75 Durometer
7301Simriz® Perfluoroelastomer Compound w/ Enhanced Resistance
7315Simriz® Perfluoroelastomer Compound ‐ 90 Durometer
K1050DuPont Kalrez® 1050LF Perfluoroelastomer Compound
K6375DuPont Kalrez® 6375 Perfluoroelastomer Compound
C505Chemraz® 505 Perfluoroelastomer Compound
C510Chemraz® 510 Perfluoroelastomer Compound
  1.  Additional materials are available. If you don't see exactly what you need on this list, please contact us.
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  1.  Kalrez® is a registered TM of Dupont. Simriz® is a registered TM of Freudenberg. Chemraz® is a registered TM of Greene Tweed.
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